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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  April 8, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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pacific. women of the bible speak streaming right now on fox nation goes with the new book women of the bible speak. fox news prime time hosted by the one and only mark steyn and i can't imagine what he has for you don't it's going to be hard to follow the puppy but i know he can do it but it starts right now. >> mark: the puppy -- basically the guest host for the puppy now, shannon. congratulations, by the way, on the success of your book. i was looking at the best seller list and i saw shannon bream and women of the bible speak on there. so, very deserved. we will see you in a few hours, shannon. >> shannon: thank you. >> mark: thanks a lot. >> shannon: thanks, mark. >> mark: bi. bye. welcome to "fox news primetime" i'm mark steyn with tucker carlson, miranda devine and all the big news from guns, lights, to toxic -- today joe biden
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issued new executive orders or royal proclamations as we say in my cultural actual addition. as a matter of fact it was one of the complaints rebel colonials against poor old george the third royals were getting vapor raised by the royal prerogative ever since january 20th in washington we have had legislation by photo op. whoever is waggling that sock puckett maneuvers joe into position, they slide the executive order under his nose, he signs, and it's now the law of the land. he is doing it at a brisk clip and today he turned to the big one for many americans, quote; unquote, gun control. >> they are phony arguments suggesting these are second amendment rights at stake what we are talking about. but no amendment, no amendment to the constitution is absolute. >> i have no idea what that really means. an amendment is part of the constitution.
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and the constitution is certainly constitutionally absolute. at least until they can mussel mustmuscle up a judge to rule tt the constitution is unconstitutional which should be coming any day now probably from the ninth circuit. in practical terms the measures include restrictions on pistol stabilizing braces which joe biden claims allow handguns to be used as high accuracy low recoil rifles and, yet, with the easy concealability of a pistol. a new rule closing yet another supposed loophole on so-called ghost guns, you can assemble yourself ghost guns is one of those new scary terms they have come up with, a national red flag law allowing family members or law enforcement to go to court for a suspension of an individual's second amendment rights. and a gun control advocate as head of the atf. boy, i cannot wait to see the
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impact these moves have on child shootings in chicago every weekend. behind these executive actions, bind hinted at a rather devious legal theory. today we are taking steps to. nothing, nothing i'm about to recommend impinges on no way whatsoever. are verbal tick he has got there the more he insists he is doing impinges on the second amendment the more ammo sales go through the roof. but executive orders on guns in the name of republic health may be a runner. in the last few weeks, seeing massive restrictions on freedom of movement, freedom of religion, freedom of association. freedom to work, freedom to leave your home. freedom to have your relatives around for thanksgiving. freedom of speech as we will
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discuss later all in the name of public health, last summer our public health officials excused the looting of american cities on the grounds that white privilege is a public health crisis. given the woeful quality of our judges it's not hard to imagine a nitwit jurist signing onto the idea that public health trumps the right to bear arms. top shot champion and gun rights activist chris chen is here. chris, what do you make of what joe biden proposed today? >> yeah, what the president proposed. he is basically talking out of both end where he is saying that these executive orders will not infringe on our second amendment rights and he goes on to list a whole number of infringements on our second amendment right. so what is concerning and frightening is that all of these gun control measures are not going to do anything to improve public safety.
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they are not going to do anything to reduce mass shootings and really we are still going to be -- we are still going to have a huge problem on our hands with violence in our country and so i'm very disappointed but not surprised to see president biden come out today in support of some pretty strong gun control measures. >> mark: this ghost guns thing every so often these guys come up with a scary term and they want to abolish ghost guns and gos guns sounds pretty scary. but it's basically just hobbiyists. i a neighbor of mine who -- and he is actually a bleeding heart liberal but he actually likes to work on guns, tale them apart putting them back together as his hobby. that does absolutely nothing for the appalling, disgraceful epidemic of crime in democrat
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run cities, does it? >> it absolutely does not. america has a long tradition of citizens being able to make firearms at home. at the end of the day, firearms are simply a mixture of metal and plastic parts and so you have this term ghost gun is a completely made up political term that is supposed to make us scared. right? that americans are somehow doing something new, when, in fact, this isn't anything new, you know, it's something also that we -- you can't really control what people make their own homes and so the idea of the government trying to restrict something that one can make in their own home it's run of these laws if they each pass a law like how are you going to even enforce it. >> but, isn't that the problem with the red flag thing, too? everybody knows for example when you take a complaint to a court
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and a policeman comes around and confiscates your guns there is a lot of kind of crude revenge in this, domestic people in divorce court. one files a complaint against the other. the cop knocks on the door. red flag laws just make those -- a national red flag law would just make that even looser, even more prone to just crude revenge, wouldn't it? >> yeah, the problem with red flag laws is right now it is this patchwork of different state regulations and, you know, ultimately, who is supposed to be the trusted arbiter of whether an individual is, you know, of sound behind so retain their second amendment right? and so, you know, the proposal that the president's administration is going to come forth with, i'm pretty sure is going to fall short of the due process requirements that gun rights advocates such as myself want to see to ensure that we
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are striking some sort of balance between their second amendment rights and mental health advocacy. >> meanwhile, all the bad guys will still be putting bullets into 3-year-old kids in chicago caught in the crossfire because they happen to be crossing the wrong intersection. a terrible situation. thank you for that, chris. as i said, joe's signing pen, which is presumably remote controlled by susan rice, the wild economic forum dab bows, george soros, the bullet you bureau. inspector, take your pick. joe's signing pen is now a one man legislative branch. but today's orders are nevertheless an expansion of its power, gail is a constitutional lawyer and, gail, what's interesting -- well, not actually interesting to me about this, rather scary, but this is
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the extension of executive order, explicitly one of the rights in the bill of rights so a call right. so it constitutionally a bit iffy to you? >> i'm so glad you brought this up, mark. and i'm so glad you are covering this topic. the supreme court held that the second amendment guarantees an individual right to possess firearms for self-defense. and, like you said, unlike some of the rights that the supreme court has guaranteed individual rights some have said invented. this one is in the literal text of our constitution of our bill of rights. the right to keep and bear arms. and there are only two other times in the bill of rights where the people are guaranteed an individual right. that's in the first amendment, the right to assemble and petition the government and in the fourth amendment to be secure against unreasonable
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searches and seizures. you said at the beginning of the show our history with england and understanding that we are a people under the rule of law, and all the things in our bill of rights, like the fact that the government cannot control our speech the fact that the government cannot tell us which religion to profess. this is what under kids all of those rights. and without the assessment, you really have a situation where you switch the balance of power from the government from the people to the government. and unfortunately, we all want to have a safer society but the -- these executive orders by the biden administration are just basically gun grabbing attempts where they are going to take away gun rights from the sane and the law abiding and you are not going to have any effect on the criminals who are behind the violence. >> their thinking though, i take, it is. this that if you were to say we're done with the second amendment, it's over, and we're going to move to get rid of it,
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everyone goes nuts. but they figure, don't they, that they can nibble away at it bit by bit by bit and eventually with enough executive orders, they will only be like, you know, 47% of the second amendment left. >> that's right. you might remember the very important supreme court decision heller, that was the case that really supported this understanding of the second amendment that had has an individual right to possess firearms that are typically held for law-abiding citizen. and you might remember the dissenting judge in that case wrote an opinion saying oh, what's the problem for people in d.c. because on a mere subway ride away they can go a jurisdiction where they can exercise their second amendment rights. fortunately, the majority opinion in that case understood that it doesn't work to get on a subway and coax a criminal to go with you to exercise your right to self-defense in maryland instead of d.c. so, we have to make sure that we
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citizens insist on exercising our rights because the supreme court only takes up a few cases every year. they don't take up a lot of second amendment cases so this action should be opposed and you should let the department of justice and the white house know that you understand what they are doing exactly what you said, mark, they are trying to chip away at our fundamental second amendment rights. >> and i certainly agree with what you said about having to maintain them in every jurisdiction. it's not enough for it to be in the neighboring state as you were saying there. great to see you, gayle. and this is recent actually, i think, going to, i know john roberts is shy about taking a lot of these controversial topics, but i think it will eventually wind up before the high court. thank you, gayle. >> thank you. >> mark: if you watch this network regularly, you will know that tucker carlson gets to interview me every week. unfortunately, due to a terrible clerical error from some incompetent intern in the
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it. >> mark: if you were watching tuck her the other nate he was talking about delta. they are a bit boring and they are not really good at it. if you are wondering why cabin service is nonexistent. most of their effort has been focused on changing election laws in georgia. that's far more fascinating to them than getting you a bag of r rail and bag of sun chips.
4:19 pm
taking a fly winging it on election law don't want any picture i.d. for voting. >> tucker: now delta has decided the law doesn't meet its standards. requiring voter identification, says delta, is jim crow. wait a minute, you might be wondering, doesn't delta airlines require photo i.d. in order to board its planes? oh, that sounds like jim crowe? why isn't that racist? because it's not. shut up. next time you fly on delta airlines it might be fun to refuse to show voter i.d. and point out it's racist to ask you for it. >> mark: well, what passes for the government of the united states has taken tucker up on that. effective immediately you don't need to show i.d. to fly around america on delta or united or anything else. just one slight catch. to be eligible for that expressed check-in you have to be a non-citizen, nonresident, non-legal alien. you just have to come across the rio grande, they will give you a covid test and positive or negative you get the old
4:20 pm
priority boarding for maine or alaska or wherever you want to go. no i.d. required. come fly our friendly skies u.s. citizens not eligible. tucker carlson is the host of "tucker carlson tonight" on fox news and the brand new "tucker carlson today" on fox nation and after that comes tucker carlson this morning and tucker are carlson's afternoon tea. you won't want to miss that last one. tucker, you made a throw away line and the government says, you know, that's a united states idea. but only for people who shouldn't be in the country in the first place. >> tucker: i'm laughing because this is one of about 10 stories that i know you have covered where the government shows preference to people who have shown absolutely contempt for our customs, our laws, our system itself and they are being treated better than american citizens. now, i know that the left and all the little gate keepers on
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twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term replacement. if you suggest that the track party is trying to replace the current electorate the voters now casting ballots with new people, more obedient voters from the third world. they become its taker call because that's what's happening actually. it's true. look, if this was happening in your house, if you were in sixth grade, for example, and without telling you your parents adopted a bunch of new siblings and gave them brand new bikes and let them stay up later and helped them with heir homework and gave them twice the allowance that they gave you, you would say to your siblings you know, i think we are being replaced by kids that that our parents love more. it would be kind of hard to argue against you because, look at the evidence. so, this matters on a bunch of different levels but on the most basic level it's a voting rights question. in a democracy, one person equals one vote. if you change the population, you dilute the political power of the people who live there.
4:22 pm
so every time they import a new voter, i become disenfranchised as a current voter. so i don't understand why -- everyone wants to make a racial issue out of it. white replacement theory? no, no, this is a voting right question. i have less political power because they are importing a brand new electorate. why should i sit back and take that in the power that i have as an american gashted at birth is one man, one vote. they are diluting it. no, they are not allowed to do it. why are we putting up with this? >> mark: well, it's particularly interesting, if you take small states like vermont, for example, which has got a little more than half a million people, they're basically being the equivalent you used the word replacement, but they are basically being rendered irrelevant just by the shear numbers coming over the border in the course of any one year. so if the democrats get their way, and abolish the electoral college, vermont and wyoming and
4:23 pm
all kinds of other states simply don't matter at all. what i don't get, tucker, is why people put up with this? is it it incompetent framing of the issue by republicans? >> it's because of highly competent framing by the democrats. they have framed immigration as a racial issue. so, any complaint about immigration is a complaint born of racism. you are a racist if you are against it. but, as far as i'm concerned, it doesn't really have thatch to do with race, actually. i mean, people from a bunch of different countries and cultures, most of them are latin but within latin america anyone who has ever been there can tell you there is a huge range of people in subculture. it's not as simple as they pretend it is. but it really is much deeper than race. race is a factor for some people. but, underneath it all, it has to do with what kind of country you want to live in and how much political power you have. by the way, i will never understand as long as i live why the so-called black leaders
4:24 pm
maxine waters, people who claim to speak for black people are sitting by and allowing black political power to disappear. like in a generation i really don't think that whoever replaces maxine waters in corporate is going to be listened to by anyone as a numerical matter it won't matter. african-americans who by and large have been here for 400 years. ancestors taken here, 400 years ago, they will have no say in how the country runs because, as a mathematical question it just won't matter. no one wants to say this out loud. but it's true. and it has nothing to do with race. it has to do with the people who live here are being disempowered by a new group brought in without their consent by a political party that cares only about political power. if you frame it that way, i think everyone can kind of wake up and realize what's happening. >> mark: yeah. you are absolutely right. the black americans will be the first victims of this.
4:25 pm
and they will be rendered demographically irrelevant and they will wonder -- and they will suddenly figure out all this georgia jim crow talk is -- was actually just a cover for something entirely different. >> tucker: exactly. that's what it is. and so when the gap or coca-cola, which by the way given type 2 diabetes to half the black population black lives matter, we love black people, et cetera. they are actually supporting an immigration agenda that eliminates black political power. that's just true. again, i don't know why it's so obvious even i can see it and why is no one saying this? >> mark: yeah. you are quite right on the diabetes, too. the underlying condition for a lot of this covid is coke. thank you for that, tucker. we will be watching "tucker carlson today." you have a lot of subjects of the crown on that show but you do let an american citizen get in there once in a while.
4:26 pm
a lot of british subjects on there. interesting. >> tucker: they are good talkers. [laughter] >> mark: don't say that. we will see you in half an hour or so. still to come on "fox news primetime," the censorship by big woke is not a bug but a feature and youtube ceo is bragging to the devil's crowd how much better her machines have gotten in the last couple of years when it comes to liquid dating haiti haters just like you. that's coming up next. most? ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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4:32 pm
macedonian content farmers. >> there is all these stories about, you know, guys over in macedonia who are running these fake news sites. >> mark: macedonian content farmer. here is some grainy cia drone footage of a state of the artemis don'tian content farm plotting to steal american democracy. fortunately in the hallowed out alp with the dabos jet set meet the ceo of google's youtube has spent the intervening years developing sophisticated new machines that can identify all this disinformation and hunt it down. >> if you look at where we were in 2017 at this same time of the year we have reduced this by more than 70%. that is due to an incredible amount of hard work with machines and also improving our quality. not only did we significantly remove content that violates our policies at that significant
4:33 pm
rate, but we also created a lot more policies that we had to remove. in the end we have been able to really fine tune our machines so that we can find a lot of this content. >> mark: fine tune those machines. don't you feel safer without all that, quote, content across the board? do you remember the way the internet used to be a wide range of views, different opinions, so much turbulent conflict. then out of the google cloud came a solution. >> you and i are scientific men. you can understand the wonder of what's happened? now, just think, less than a month ago santa marra was like any other town. people with nothing but problems. then out of the sky came a solution and you were born no an untroubled world. >> where everyone is the same? >> exactly. what a world. >> mark: you are telling me. take this guy. he claims to be the rightful governor of florida, could be or
4:34 pm
he could be just an undercover macedonian playing us like a second hand -- this desantis fellow put up an hour and a half panel with him and four scientists discussing in great depth the science around the covid and i was thinking oh, gee this is really interesting and then i got all confused because i'm told you are not meant to disagree with the great fauci, fauci disagrees with the great fauci spreeing with what he said four months ago that self-dough baiting fauci is all the debate when you need when you are self-isolating in a one room apartment for a year. and fortunately some of youtube's machines hunted down those guys. >> in no way my luck is that bad. >> oh, hell no. >> you are experiencing a car accident. >> mark: next thing you know all that was left of the desantis
4:35 pm
video was this. >> oh my, desantis violated youtube's community guidelines. a community where everyone thinks the same and we're all part of that community. so he would all a lot safer now. if you are wondering just what the violation was, well, at least three doctors on that video suggested that there is no need for children to wear masks. you may disagree with that position, but there is plenty of scientific evidence to support it. sweden a country that most progressives want to be more like does not have mask mandates and, indeed, many municipalities have explicitly banned masks in schools as both unhelpful and indeed harmful. youtube's elena hernandez issued the following statement to us. youtube has clear policies around covid-19 medical misinformation to support the health and safety of our users. we removed this video because it
4:36 pm
included content that contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities regarding the efficacy of masks it to prevent the spread of covid-19. note that phrase from ms. hernandez, quote: content that contradicts the consensus. we have a cartel of woke billionaires controlling almost all dissemination of ideas in the public square and they want nothing to do with content that contradicts the consensus or as this guy put it. >> suddenly, while you are asleep, they will absorb your minds, your memories, and you were born to an untroubled world. >> where everyone is the same? >> exactly. >> what a world. >> mark: what a world. miranda devine, the stark honesr columnist of "the new york
4:37 pm
post." the article that your newspaper broke before the election about hunter biden and the big woke on the social media put their thumb on the scale and 86, the whole hunter biden story, that was unusual in late october. now it's happening to republicans and conservatives everyday of the week. >> it is because, you know, anyone, anybody who is a free-thinker, someone like ron desantis, friendships, is a threat to the absolute rule of the lockdown merchants around the world to the globalist left and they now have seen that it was so successful when they stepped out and showed their faces and censored the "new york post" story and really there has been very little below back to y got a talking to when they were before the senate so who cares? they of course are now empowered and exponentially censoring and
4:38 pm
removing anything that doesn't accord with, you know, their consensus, what they have deemed to be the consensus. perhaps anthony fauci is the consensus. as you say he doesn't even consensus with himself. and the fact is i have watched that video, that hour and a half video of ron desantis and his scientific experts. they talked about facts. the world health organization itself says that children under five don't have to wear a mask. you mentioned sweden. there was an expert on the panel who said that there were 2 million children who went to school in sweden and there was not one death. the american academy of pediatrics says that the risk to children of dying of covid is between zero percent and 0.19. not only that the teachers in sweden had less risk than people in the general community.
4:39 pm
so it's not that the children do not spread covid, they do not get or get sick or die from covid. there is no reason why they should not go to school, no reason why they should have to wear mavericks when they are under 12 years old. and this is just what ron desantis and his experts were talking about. but, the thing about ron desantis is because he didn't do what all the lockdown merchants did, he basically listened to experts and used common sense to empower his floridians with information so that they could make up their own minds about what level of risk they were willing to take and his priority was to keep the vulnerable safe. particularly elderly people. and so, even though florida has an enormous elderly population, the death per capita in florida of elderly people was way below what it was in other states, especially in new york where
4:40 pm
governor cuomo took the opposite tact. so what youtube is doing is just -- it's straight out offerwell. oforwell. rendering desantis an unperson. is he not the only one. not just youtube. you saw "60 minutes" the other night did a comprehensive hit job on ron desantis. all the media are so invested in proving that florida was wrong that ron desantis was wrong because that makes them look like fools and liars for the entire pandemic. and they don't want anyone to tweet. so that's why they must destroy and evaporate and vanquish ron desantis. >> mark: that's an an absolutely brilliant explanation of what is going on, miranda. i thank you for it. meanwhile and all these people are happy to circulate the cuomo lies about the bloodbath on his watch in the state of new york. nothing like that in florida.
4:41 pm
thank you, miranda, always great to see you. you know, every time i hear a republican candidate on the stump, he or she is back blibling on about the democrats, quote, radical socialist agenda. almost as if it's a talking point faxed over from head office every morning. what if we are missing something about this scary old socialism? raimondo areservoir owe has figured it out and is he straight ahead. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, b(gong rings)ans ev- this is joe.u.
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>> mark: i'm so squaresville i thought infrastructure was something to do with roads and bridges, not social distancing. i thought election systems were boring and bureaucratic and just a means to facilitate voting by lawful persons not jim crow linkings on steroids. the old rules don't seem to quite cover the new politics but raimondo arroyo knows what's going on and he is here to break it down for us. great to see you, raimondo. >> great to see you, mark; that mark what's this all about. >> well, look, if you listen closely to joe biden -- and he's done this since the campaign,
4:47 pm
mark, with great success. he wraps everything in an emotional empathetic gauze and it makes it seem as if he cares much more than any other politician and certainly more than the opposition party. now, people may say wait a minute, you know, you got to get beyond the feelings. but, in many cases, joe biden never gets to specifics. this is policy-making via oprah. it's all self-feeling and emotion and how much he truly cares. and at the end of the day, mark, when you peel it back, the republicans respond with a blizzard of statistics. what they need to is find a way to respond in kind so that the population, so that the voters know they care, too. but they don't. and to give you a sense of what i mean, listen closely here. this is today's gun control pitch from joe biden. not only does kamala harris give away the game but note biden's reasons for limiting ones. watch. >> president joe biden is a
4:48 pm
leader with great will, great determination, and even greater empathy. >> gun violence in this country is an epidemic. not to mention a psychological damage done to the children who live in these cities watching this happen knowing someone it happened to. this gun violence in our neighborhood has had profound impact. the idea that we have so many people dying every single day from gun violence in america is a blemish on our character as a nation. >> this sort of rhetoric, mark, it is radical things wrapped in the sentimental caring package. but, somehow the republicans have to respond and not just with, you know, these clips don't work or this won't do anything or red flags have limited outcomes here. they have to respond with something that voters can hold on to. the brittle facts are not enough. a narrative is what's needed in
4:49 pm
some ways. >> mark: yeah, this is -- i think it was ben shapiro coined that phrase my facts don't care about your feelings. but, an actual fact, in america,. >> it's the inverse. correct. >> mark: my feelings don't care about your facts. that's the way it's going on. >> sadly, mark. sadly. and when you -- look, he's pitching the infrastructure deal. only 6% of those moneys go to bridges and roads. everything else is boondoggle and paybacks for his political acquaintances. the problem here is he says we're trying to help you find a job. that's infrastructure. oh my goodness, if we use that mark, maybe we can get facial infrastructure reconstruction surgery, plastic surgery for everyone because we old guys have to compete, too. where do you draw the line? but his emotional pitch is potent. it worked during the campaign and then they hide him away from all questions. and, look, biden has the
4:50 pm
emotions down, mark. if not the name of the relevant agency today, it should be atf, okay. that's what he was talking about today. but what's a letter or two. listen. >> finally, the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms, i'm proud to nominate david chipman to serve as the director of the aft. david knows the aft well. [laughter] >> oh, well, the american federation of teachers probably thought they were talking about them. randy weingarten was waving in the back, i'm sure. >> mark: american federation of transitioning. that's what that is, raimondo. thank you for that. that is a brilliant insight and we are grateful for it. straight ahead, i'm not kidding, toxic whiteness the musical and uyghur boarding pass the musical. jason rantz is standing by to go full jazz hands. that's next.
4:51 pm
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>> mark: the hills are alive with the sound of toxic whiteness? wait a minute, that can't be right. every broadway theater has been shut down for over a year now, but the real is apparently the same old same old toxic whiteness calling to prospective employers in washington state and the village theater. seattle radio host, jason rantz, jason, nothing, no satire, no parity can match the reality of our lives. what is up with this toxic whiteness in washington theater? speaker yeah, so at village theater, the cities in washingtn state, they are looking for a new artist to teach kids part
4:57 pm
of their program and one of the questions that was initially on the application was how do you plan to disrupt the toxic whiteness of the musical theater genre? if you can't answer that question, perhaps you are not able to work there. before i to they took it out and said they didn't need to put itp your that seems like a very specific question to be asked on an application. what it essentially means is there are just too many white people and musical theater and they would like to see less of that. it is a message that is pushed by middle-aged white liberals who feel guilty about historical wrongs that they had literally nothing to do with, of which they are pretending having been condemned. >> mark: but this isn't even a historical wrong not compared with hollywood or television. there are more opportunities for black actors and black singers and black choreographies and black songwriters on the stage they on there were in any come
4:58 pm
about 100 years. i think next month from the anniversary of "shuffle along," which is the first black musical on broadway. it's ravaged stomach rubbish. i've got to ask you about this. the chinese have apparently made a state musical to deflect criticism of their treatment of uighurs. they will not be in camps having their body parts -- go they will be apparently singing and dancing on stage. is that the idea? speaker yeah. this is a toxic musical. i will give you that. the hills are alive with the sound of, i guess. this is a silly and unnecessary ruse. no one is stupid enough to fall for this and it seems really costly. why would you put on a musical when you can fly into any nba
4:59 pm
star on twitter and get them to tweet out some propaganda calling you misinformed on the weaker. they will put out a tweet that says hey, these are not work camps. these are actually drama camps. and they are working in between the genocidal acts and in between the enforced sterilization. they are doing performances. it is, of course absurd. they should stop doing this nonsense and i hope everyone calls them out. but of course, you are not allowed to call out china from literally anything without being labeled a xena foe. >> mark: thank you. thank you for that, jason. i have to say though, my favorite dictatorial musical of all time was by -- he adapted his romantic novel for the iraqi stage, and he called it, it was called sir bieber and the king." it was meant to represent this woman representing the iraqi people and then the king was
5:00 pm
cruel saddam hussein. thank you very much, jason. fox news prime time" back tomorrow. but don't touch that dial number because tucker starts right here, right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we often accuse politicians of dishonesty on the show. let us boil it on. nothing the democratic party advocates for his more dishonest than gun control. everything is false. most actually aren't like that. try to be honest on the show. you can still sort of see what the other side is talking about. he deeply


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